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The Montana Classic - Collector Car Auction is the largest Spring Classic Car Event from Minnesota to Washington and Alberta/Saskatchewan to Colorado. The auction will be held in the MetraPark Expo Center with 150+ vehicles expected. Consigned vehicles will be presented at auction to buyers from across the region! A crowd of over 1000 classic car enthusiasts will be in attendance!!


Consignment  Process

  1. Complete and submit the VEHICLE CONSIGNMENT FORM for each vehicle you want to sell.
    Fill out, print and return by mail to: P.O. Box 960, Billings, Montana 59103
  2. Pay the correct entry fee (as detailed below) via credit card or check.
  3. Submit photos of your vehicle for marketing purposes to info@bpautoauction.com.  Up to six pictures can be displayed through the Montana Classic website.
  4. A Consignment Package with check­‐in information, auction information and more will be sent to you.
  5. Lot numbers are available on a first come - first served basis according to the vehicle. Consignment Fees are as follows:
  • Friday Auction: Lots 1-99 - $50 Consignment fee
  • Saturday Auction: Lots 1 to 14 and 81 and up - $50 Consignment Fee
  • Saturday Auction: Lots 15 to 80 - $75 Consignment Fee.
  1. The auction company reserves the right to accept or reject vehicle consignments based on vehicle fit with the auction.


Entry Rules

  1. Lot numbers will not be confirmed until entry fee is paid. Unpaid entries will not be assigned lot numbers.
  2. The entry fee is non­‐refundable and does not apply to commission.
  3. The seller is charged a commission of 6% of the sale price if the seller accepts the last bid.
  4. A buyer’s premium of 6% of the final accepted bid price is charged to the buyer of each vehicle sold
  5. A clear and marketable title must be presented upon check­‐in of the vehicle to the auction.The Serial/Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle must match the number on the title. Vehicles with liens must have a letter from the lien holder stating lien payoff conditions and amount.
  6. Vehicle insurance coverage must be provided against all perils and loss by consignor including damage caused by another party.   Seller shall indemnify and hold harmless The Montana Classic from and against all liability, loss, and damage arising from acts, incident or accident.  Seller assumes full responsibility for your own equipment.  Insurance  responsibility passes to new buyer when the auctioneer declares vehicle sold.  Your insurance is the only insurance covering the operation and storage of your vehicle.  I agree  to allow the Montana Classic and its agents to move my vehicle at my risk.
  7. Vehicles must be accurately described including items working or not working, description, history and mileage. All title branding issues(salvage, rebuilt, mileage discrepancy, etc.) are the responsibility of the consigner and shall be disclosed upon check­‐in prior to the auction. Undisclosed or mis-­‐represented information about the vehicle may result in a sale rejection. Sale rejection will make the consigner subject to all auction sale fees.
  8. Sellers are able to establish a minimum protective price or “reserve” on their vehicle.  The auction will sell the vehicle if bidding meets the reserve price set by the seller.  The seller may verbally agree to lower the reserve price during the auction process.
  9. The auctioneer has the right to submit a bid for the consigner up to the reserve amount.The auctioneer will not place a bid for the consigner above the stated reserve.
  10. In the event of a purchaser's failure to comply with the terms of sale, we will first attempt to resell the vehicle to another buyer for the same price. Failing that, the sale may be null and void. The Montana Classic and/or consignor may agree to pursue legal action to complete  the sale.  This may involve sharing the risk and expense of such action.
  11. If a consigned vehicle is sold within 30 days to any person as a direct result of the Auction, its advertising or promotion, then consigner shall agree to pay the commission as stated in #3 above.
  12. The Montana Classic pays the seller when payment is received and confirmed from the buyer.  A check for the sale price less the stated commission and lien payoff amount(if applicable) will be sent to the consignor within 7 days following the sale.
  13. Vehicles must be removed from the auction site within 24 hours following the sale.Remaining vehicles may be removed and stored at owners expense and risk.

Auction Process

  1. Arrange for your vehicle to be at the auction site for check-‐in. Auction check­‐in dates, times and location will be contained in the Consignment Package.
  2. Upon check­‐in, a VIN inspection will be completed and the VIN compared to your title. Check­‐in is finalized after successful VIN inspection and completion of the Vehicle Description Form, Auction Selling Contract and Power of Attorney forms.  The Vehicle Description Form is what the auctioneer will use to describe the vehicle when it is on the auction block.
  3. Following check­‐in, vehicles will be moved to the public display area according to the assigned lot number.
  4. Vehicles will be presented for auction on the block, in front of the crowd, as close to assigned lot order as possible.  We have drivers available to drive your vehicle through the auction if needed.  If you plan to drive your own vehicle through the auction, it is your responsibility to be present at your vehicle just prior to when the lot number is ready for auction.
  5. Consignors are requested to be present when your car is on the auction block. Identify yourself to the auctioneer. A Montana Classic representative will be available to you when your car is on the auction block.
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